Why go private?

Mr. Reddy prides himself in taking the time necessary to provide each patient with information needed to fully understand his or her condition and to achieve the most optimum visual outcome.

Obvious benefits of private surgery with Mr. Reddy include:

Consultant-delivered care at each and every step (no trainee staff involved).

All pre-operative assessments, per-operative and post-operative care delivered directly by Mr Reddy

And, all care is delivered in a clean and comfortable environment.

Choice of date and time of surgery to suit patient and family or work or social commitments.

Direct access to Mr Reddy in case of any query or emergency.

Latest Technology and lens implants.

Very experienced and highly competent surgeon with an excellent track record.

Offers Immediately Sequential cataract operations in Both Eyes (ISBCS) and ONE-STOP for appropriate patients to save on several trips to hospital.

Please see testimonials for more details.

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