Mr. Reddy explained the procedure to me very well, I had complete faith in him.Change in colours and clarity were just amazing I am delighted with the result.

CS Feb 2017

Mr. Reddy is very professional and took the time out to explains things properly. Vision bright, clear and very sharp.

PH Feb2017

Absolutely no pain or discomfort. Mr Reddy is very friendly and informative. Could not have been better

TB Mar 2017

Clear and precise explanation was given.Almost immediate recovery of vision. Vision is fantastic. Mr Reddy is 1st class true professional (5 star).

HT Mar 2017

The explanation was very thorough, clear and easy to understand. Mr Reddy very friendly, professional and reassuring throughout all stages

MS Mar 2017

full and detailed explanation was provided – all questions answered fully. I knew exactly what to expect…….extremely pleased with all components of my treatment.. have recommended Mr Reddy to all my friends.

BN Feb 2017

No pain at all. Vision recovered within 24 hours. Mr Reddy willing to listen to concerns, thoroughly professional in dealing with patient operations performed at a time suitable to the patient.

RC Mar 2017

Mr. Reddy is friendly / caring during and after operation...absolutely 1st class…..life changing.

NG Feb 2017

Mr. Reddy explained things very well. Very friendly. Felt safe with Mr. Reddy doing operation

WH Mar 2017

Excellent, good, clear advice given…couldn't have wished for a better result. No hesitation in recommending Mr Reddy, such a nice manner too - empathetic to my concerns. He is the epitome of professional excellence. I am so delighted with the treatment and care I received.

MM May 2017

very happy with all the explanations I received. I felt I knew exactly what was happening. Mr Reddy contacted me the day following the operation which was very reassuring and stressed that I should call him if I was worried. I feel very positive about my experience…..have already recommended my surgeon to friends.


found Mr Reddy to be absolutely professional… During the operation, I felt safe in his hands. Everything looks brighter and cleaner and can drive again!! I have been telling all my friends about it.

MF May 2017

Mr. Reddy was very clear about what was going to happen and very much made me feel at ease. I was almost blind in my right eye and was unable to read but could read it immediately afterwards….re-arranged his schedule to fit me in quicker. Mr Reddy made me feel very relaxed and had a good sense of humour.

JY Apr 2017

Mr Reddy is a very nice gentleman who is very thorough in telling you about the op and willing to answer all questions. I would recommend the Surgeon. I was really pleased that my GP recommended him.

AO Apr 2017

Mr. Reddy was kind and caring and I was totally reassured by his manner.I really am so grateful to Mr Reddy's expertise. I would definitely recommend Mr Reddy (and have already done so). I feel I have got my life back.

EF Apr 2017

Mr. Reddy was very informative, pleasant and he talked me through the op. It was all very quick and efficient. His professionalism was excellent.

JP May 2017

No pain or discomfort and the team the surgeon had with him were excellent. I would highly recommend Mr Reddy to anyone. He is very professional in cataract surgery. I felt very reassured by his mannerism and friendliness. I thank my surgeon and his team.

AN Apr 2017

For over 60 years I have worn glasses. As I got older the prescription became stronger and was becoming very expensive. However, since I have had the toric lens implant in both eyes my world has become much brighter and sharper without glasses….a huge difference in my life and I wish to thank Mr Reddy and his team for their excellent service.

MM Nov 2016

The cataract operations have been a great success and I would not hesitate recommending anyone. I have nothing but praise for all of the staff involved. Mr Reddy, the Surgeon, was first class, very friendly and helpful.

AI Dec 2016

Very impressed by all the staff in your team: their enthusiasm, spirit, friendliness and professionalism “Sight is a wonderful gift to preserve”. Thank you so much.

JB 2016

could not believe the difference in the sight after the operation.

MR Jan 2017

pre op and post op care were extremely efficient and I was looked after very well. I was made to feel like a person (and not just a number on a surgery list). I can only thank Mr Reddy and his team for treating me so well and if there was a scoring mechanism, then I would give 100% satisfaction.

PL Dec 2016

Mr. Reddy is a very special person. He is kind, gentle and puts you at ease. I have suffered bad eye sight from 9 years of age. He has treated both eyes and all that's left to say is I'm more outgoing, confident and very very happy. So, thanks for giving my life back

CC 2015

The attention and care you showed was excellent and made the whole experience less stressful. I cannot thank you and your team…..have more sight now than as a kid. You should be proud of yourself and know that the skills you have, are from years of experience……life changing. I know you will continue the good work.

WM Dec 2016

Mr. Reddy, I am writing to thank you for a very positive experience. Each stage of preparation was carried out with quiet efficiency and the procedure itself was – as you described it – perfect !

PG Jan 2017

Dear Mr Reddy, I am very pleased with the way my eyes are now so I want to thank you very much for your skilful work which has helped make the improvement.

EC 16/2/18

Dear Mr. Reddy, My good eye has improved dramatically.. what an improvement !Thank you so very much for giving me back the world! When I was a little girl I used to wonder why God had stopped giving us miracles like the ones in the Bible. Now, through the skill of your hands, I feel he has given me my own miracle.

ES Dec 2017

Mr. Reddy was very good at explaining things well as he did the operation and aftercare communication was great. Very little discomfort!! ….Very quick recovery.

AM June 2017

Very clear and precise in the details of the operation, delivered in a professional but friendly manner, providing me with confidence that the procedure would be non-traumatic and successful . …I definitely recommend my surgeon Mr Reddy to friends and family because, he made me feel at ease from consultation to operation. Was very professional and skilled whilst displaying a caring and understanding manner. The operation appears to have been a huge success, cannot believe the improvement in vision.

RD June 2017

Mr Reddy took care to ensure I felt confident about the operation and checked up on my recovery afterwards at home…..Colours now appear much clearer and more vibrant. A blackbird's yellow beak is much brighter than I have noticed for years. This change has greatly increased my enjoyment of summer flowers. I would certainly recommend Mr Reddy to others thinking of having surgery.

ES April 2017

The explanation about the cataract operation was thorough and complete. Mr Reddy was very professional during consultation, operation and aftercare. Noticed a change in quality of life after the operation. Able to do day to day activities more efficiently and quickly. More confident in the workplace. Able to think and act quicker. I would recommend my surgeon based on professionalism and experience… all around nice guy.

SB April 2017

Mr Reddy is very kind and caring. I had rarely driven the last 4 years - I can drive without glasses now. The whole world has changed! Colours bright and clear… he is an amazing surgeon.

GW Nov 2016

Mr. Reddy was not only efficient; he was kind, patient, understanding. His professionalism was unquestionable. Everything is so much brighter and some colours are not quite what I had thought – amazing. My son and I were impressed by all aspects of my care

MA Aug 2017

Mr. Reddy was from start to finish very professional…Vision returned very quickly.

RO July 2017

The consultation was very informative and re-assuring……Instant recovery and he made my operation a pleasurable experience.

PS Aug 2017

Mr.Mr Reddy has a very nice and friendly manner. Very happy with the operation and the result. Eye sight is now very good.

IL Aug 2017

first rate surgeon with very friendly manner who makes one feel safe in his hands. The explanation about the operation was given in an interesting and informative manner which put me at ease. Both driving vision and reading vision outstanding. It is wonderful to be free from spectacles

Mr Reddy has given me a new lease on life and I have recommended him to every friend and colleague who have asked me about my operations and treatment…

PS Aug 2017

Information provided was excellent. Mr Reddy is very professional. Completed change my vision for life..

NR Sept 2017

…surprised at the speed of the recovery. Colours are more deeply defined. I can't believe the difference. I can now drive without spectacles! Thank you Mr Reddy…..

AW Nov 2017

Thanks to skills of Mr. Reddy and his team, I can now see extremely well and cannot believe the difference. I no longer require my varifocal spectacles for reading and distance. No floaters, the cloudiness has disappeared, and colours became more vibrant. I am so pleased with the result and would have no hesitation to recommend this type of surgery to anyone with similar eye problems. You cannot put a price on your eye sight and I will be forever grateful.

TOD Dec 2014

I got admitted for a corneal transplant to my left eye. Mr Reddy, my surgeon was very confident that my surgery would improve my eyesight and give me a better quality of life but also went over the risks. This was very reassuring to me and gave me the confidence to go ahead with the surgery. My surgery was a success and I know it is early days but I can see better already. I have been able to see my great-grandchildren for the first time in 4-5 years…no words can describe this joy. The surgeon described the successful procedure as ‘only doing my job’. This is a gentleman who really does not realise what he gives back to people. He gives people back eyesight and some independence, something that is bigger than ‘just doing a job’. I have always found him to be approachable and he fills me with confidence….

WG 2015

Dear Mr Reddy, You removed a cataract from my right eye... I am writing to thank you for a very positive experience. Each stage of preparation was carried out with quiet efficiency and the procedure itself was – perfect!!

PG Jan 2017

Dear Mr Reddy, I am writing to thank you very much for performing surgery on my eyes. The procedure was carried out with the highest professionalism from yourself. The result for me is amazing and has transformed my day to day living. You are such an asset ……it has been the best treatment I have received.

GW Cults June 2014

Very happy with the service……Mr Reddy is so ‘down to earth’ and gets the job done. Very happy to see things so much better

JG Feb 2015

Had surgery to correct extreme short sight. Still waking up in the middle of the night thinking I have slept in my contact lenses! It has been many years, if ever, that I achieved 6/6…so, very happy.

GW Nov 2017

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